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Custom sound libraries for Yamaha synthesizers
Sound Library of 80s Sounds for Yamaha Keyboards Sound Bank for Yamaha Synthesizers Visit Yamaha Synth's Web Page

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR RACK AND MO USERS!!!: The rack and MO will not load the Performances. It will load all the voices, but not performances. You can create the Performances with the voices, but they will not load.  

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Custom Voice Packs for Yamaha Synthesizers

Welcome to Playkeyz.com. On this site you will find three sound preset libraries for Yamaha synths. The videos and MP3s demo the actual synth patches in the banks.
Although I haven't been able to finish new banks recently, I hope to have more soon!

Voice and Performance Banks


The LEADS! Sound library is a sound library to download for the mad soloist in you.  The voice bank features expressive, organic solo tones modeled after some of the most famous lead sounds in rock history, from Wakeman to Corea to Rudess.  Available for all Yamaha keyboards.

Sound Library of 80s Sounds for Yamaha Keyboards Leads Solo Synth Voices Sound Bank for Yamaha Synthesizers

The 80s Pop/Rock Soundset Volume 1 is a voice bank of Voices and Performances for specific famous 80s synthesizer songs from famous artists like Van Halen, Journey, Rush, Prince, Bon Jovi, Cutting Crew, Michael Jackson, Simple Minds, and more. The patches are designed for specific songs to be played on Yamaha synthesizers.  

The 80s Pop/Rock Soundset Volume 2 is a library of more Voices and Performances for additional 80s rock hits, including sounds inspired by Tears for Fears, Madonna, Bon Jovi, INXS, Journey, Van Halen, Mister Mister, Foreigner, Billy Idol, U2, Phil Collins, Howard Jones, and more. Get Motif ES sounds and voice packs for other Yamaha synths.