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*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR RACK AND MO USERS!!!: The rack and MO will not load the Performances. It will load all the voices, but not performances. You can create the Performances with the voices, but they will not load.  

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LEADS! Solo Sound Bank








Quick Description: Custom solo/improvising voices taken from famous lead synth players and classic analog synthesizers.  


Supported Synths: Motif ES, Motif ES Rack, S90ES, Motif XS, Motif XS Rack, Motif XF, MO6/8, MOX, Motif XF, S70XS, S90XS


Type of Product:  Digital Yamaha files that your synth will load.  There are no samples used.  The files are sent to you by email, which you load into your synth using the method specified in the email and/or your synth’s instruction manual.   


Why This Sound Bank Is Different:  We took classic synthesizer solos and deconstructed the patches to recreate them for Yamaha synths.  Inspired by Yes, Chick Corea, Jordan Rudess, Jens Johannson, Rick Wakeman, Steve Winwood, and others.  








Listen to Samples:  


SAMPLE 1    |    SAMPLE 2






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